Wall Hanging Services Cambridge

One of our most regularly requested jobs. If it needs to go on the wall, we can put it there …….

Hanging items such as pictures, mirrors, cupboards, TVs or curtains can be a bit tricky and if not carried out correctly, can be unsafe or unsightly. The team at the Property Squad can ensure that whatever needs to be put up goes up in the right place with the right fixings and therefore stays up!

Remember we carry out the small jobs for you, but can also renovate your entire property for you too; we have a large team including specialist subcontractors such as plasterers, carpenters, decorators, plumbers and electricians.

If you can’t find what you are looking for on our website, give us a call on our Freephone number 08000 807 837 and ask one of the team.


Big, small or a neat cluster? Count on the Property Squad to hang them safely and professionally.


Mirrors can be heavy so we ensure that the correct fixings are used for the wall type it is being attached to.


Level secure shelving is fairly tricky to get right, so let us take the guesswork away and install your shelves for you. Remember, alongside fitting shelving bought from a store, we also custom build shelves and units to fit your requirements.


Wall hung cabinets usually carry a lot of weight and need to be aligned correctly, call the Property Squad now to ensure the job is done right first time.


Getting a good fix in the wall is essential for hanging curtains, especially heavier blackout versions. Let us fix the poles and curtains up for you, so you don’t come off track later on.

Don’t let the blind lead the blind, let us install your new roller, Venetian or roman blinds safely and securely.


The all important Plasma, LCD or LED TV. Whilst it is possible to install these TVs onto partition walls, we recommend a solid masonry wall is better if possible. With the right fixings though, these can be mounted anywhere securely. We offer peace of mind by ensuring that your TV is installed correctly, and is not going to come tumbling down after an overexcited leap during the X-Factor or the big match!

We can also hide your cables neatly within the wall, please call us on 01223 832803 to arrange a site visit.